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What's the meaning of the osp logo?


The official seal of the Old St. Paul M.B. Church was presented by DeMara Gray and adopted in 2011. It is intended to capture some of the important emphasis of the Old St. Paul history and beliefs.


The 3 S’s

The three S's represent the four goals of the church; lead souls to Christ (salvation), strengthen them spiritually (sanctification); help them physically and provide an adequate place for worship (service).


The Church and Tracks

The little White Church and Tracks represent the origin and place of the first fellowship. It was located across the Missouri Pacific railroad tracks one block west of South 8th Street in West Memphis, Arkansas. The building stood until the members broke ground in 1958 to build a new one at our current location.


The Dove
The Dove represents the past, present and future pastors of OSP. Those persons who were and will be called by God to lead His people into the salvation, sanctification and services He mandated for them.


The Wheat
The Wheat represents the people of God as they grow in Christ. This emphasizes the first part of our motto which says, “We are growing people.”


The Cross and Window
The Cross and Window represent the glory of God which gives completion to our motto that says, “We are growing people and glorifying God.”


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